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333 Vestal Parkway East
Vestal, NY 13850
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Binghamtone Guitars (formally Teleman Vintage Guitars) located in Vestal, NY has a great selection of new guitars and used guitars. We carry Gibson electric guitars, Gibson acoustic guitars, Fender electric guitars including Fender Stratocaster guitars and Gretch electric guitars. Binghamtone also has Martin acoustic guitars and amplifiers from Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and Vox. Binghamtone is always looking for high quality pre-owned guitars and amps.

Binghamtone Hot List - Just in:

2003 Gibson® Sheryl Crow 62 Country Western Reissue - Great shape! - $1849
1981 Washburn® Falcon - Made in Japan, 5 piece neck through construction. Brass inlays, saddles and nut. Dimarzio super distortion pickups. A seriously well built guitar. - $559
2013 Fender American Specil Jazzmaster - Great Jazzmaster sound, USA built, stoptail bridge. - $699
2004 Gibson® 57 Historic Reissue Les Paul® Custom - This is a killer "Black Beauty" Les Paul® Custom. - $2874
Kay Art Deco student - This guitar not only looks great, but plays great with supe low action. - $99
Talman by Ibanez Intercity - Great small bodied electric/acoustic. - $144
2012 Takamine EG536SHB - Nice pickup system and deluxe appointments. - $299
2013 Cordoba Guilele - Uke sized guitar tuned to A - $125
Binghamtone Guitars also services guitars and tube amplifiers. We do pickup installations, setups, bridge and nut work, tube/cap jobs, restorations, etc. We are dealers for new parts from Mojo Electronic Supply, Magic Parts, Electro-Harmonix, Sovtek, and WD.

Binghamtone Guitars

Binghamtone Guitars

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